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Albanian J. Math.

Publishing policy

Albanian Journal of Mathematics will follow strictly the Mathematical Reviews Policy on Electronic Journals.

Articles posted on our Journal's website will be considered published. Once an article is published it will not be revised. If the author and the editors consider appropriate an "Erratum" of the paper can appear in a later issue.

This practice will apply to every aspect of the published article, including the text, title, references, and ancillary information. Published articles and all revisions will persist indefinitely in the scholarly record.

We publish original research articles of highest quality in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, or statistics. We encourage articles that explore relations between mathematics and other sciences, especially computational sciences, physics, and engineering. Occasionally articles which are considered major contributions to the history of Albanian mathematics or about the state of mathematics in Albania will be considered for publication.

The language of publication is mainly in English, but publications in other languages will be considered. Each paper will be refereed by three independent anonymous referees. The corresponding author should be in contact with the editor in charge of the paper during the refereeing process. Once the paper is officially accepted the Editor-in-Chief will be the contact person.